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1. What is SpareCycles.org?

SpareCycles.org is an experiment.

SpareCycles.org is a market for spare computing cycles.

SpareCycles.org is an advertising board. Computers advertise their spare cycles. Taskers advertise their tasks. Escrows advertise their payment processing and dispute resolution services.

SpareCycles.org is not a business. It holds no customer money. It charges no fees. It is done for the love of empowering people with computational cycles on-demand at a price near that of electricity.

2. What are the economics?

From oil exploration to media processing to scientific simulations, there is always need for more computing power. As former employees at one of the world's largest supercomputers, we know first hand that there is an unending demand for compute resources.

Supercomputers and cloud computing companies must cover infrastructure, operating costs, and salaries. Our infrastructure is personal computers which are already paid for. Our costs are electricity and optional escrow fees. Our salaries are zero. Furthermore, our market is worldwide and has zero barriers to entry -- perhaps a perfect market.

Fees are whatever the computer and tasker agree upon, plus fees for optional escrow. To promote market-depth, we ask market makers to charge an extra convenience fee to market takers.

3. What should taskers consider?

3.1. What about misbahaving computers?

This problem difficult. A practical solution is dispute resolution with the threat of confiscating security deposits, see below. Another practucal solution is web-of-trust and reputation.

The following heuristics can be used to help limit and identify whether junk data was returned.

3.2. What about data privacy?

Nothing protects data which is sent, received, and used during computation. But some options for privacy follow.

4. What should computers consider?

5. What should escrows consider?

6. How are disputes handled?

7. How do I perform account administration?

Site administration is performed by signing a request. Similar for communicating with escrow agents. The format of these requests is being developed.

8. Why WebAssembly?

9. What is your privacy policy?

Please do not send us your private information.

10. What about decentralization?

We are still centralized running on SpareCycles.org servers. We plan to build a concurrent decentralized version if we meet our funding goals.

11. What currencies do you support?

Whatever the tasker or excrow supports.

12. Why does the website look so outdated?

To minimize browser workload, and to minimize security risks from javascript.

13. What are the licenses or restrictions of SpareCycles.org?

We will open-source everything if we meet our funding goals.

14. Creating a Task

TODO: How to compile sample C/C++ to a task.