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What is SpareCycles.org?

SpareCycles.org is a market for spare computing cycles.

SpareCycles.org is an advertising board. Computers advertise their spare cycles. Taskers advertise their tasks. Escrows advertise their dispute resolution services.

SpareCycles.org is not a business. We hold no customer money. We charge no fees.

What are the economics?

Cloud computing companies must cover infrastructure, operating costs, and salaries. Our infrastructure is personal computers which are already paid for. Our costs are electricity and optional escrow fees. Our salaries are zero. Furthermore, our market is worldwide and has zero barriers to entry for all roles -- perhaps a perfect market.

To promote a healthy market, we are considering requiring the market takers pay a 0.5% fee to market makers.

What should taskers consider?

What should computers consider?

What should escrows consider?

  • All account administration is done with signed crypto-currency messages. Note that withdrawals have to wait until after the settlement period.

    Why escrow and why 3rd party escrow?

    Escrow allows dispute resolution. Third party escrow allows SpareCycles.org to just publish data.

    What if the computer or tasker misbehaves?

    dispute resolution mechanisms security deposit is confiscated if one misbehaves it is recommended to keep small balance

    What if the computer or tasker misbehaves?

    What if the computer or tasker misbehaves?

    Site administration is performed by signing a request. Requests follow a template.
    eg withdrawal all
    eg challenge task 0x3433928 intput 23392

    What about decentralization?

    We are currently a centralized service running on SpareCycles.org servers. We plan to build a concurrent decentralized version if we meet our funding goals.

    What crypto-currencies do you support?

    We want to support any crypto-currency the users want. Once the service becomes decentralized, this will be out of our control. For now, we only support the following: Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum.

    What are the fees?

    Fees are whatever the computer and tasker agree upon. SpareCycles.org collects no fees.

    Why does the website look so outdated?

    To minimize browser workload, and to eliminate security risks from javascript imports.

    What is your privacy policy?

    Please do not send us your private information.

    What are the licenses or restrictions of SpareCycles.org?

    Tasker can include a license in their executable. By uploading an executable to the SpareCycles.org market, taskers allow metering and executing it, and analyzing outputs. Everything else is owned by SpareCycles.org. All rights reserved.